Born is Back!

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61Syx SDA Welcomes BBoy Born (Rivers/Floorgangz/MZK) back again for another workshop!


2 Different Classes!

“Bboy Born’s Freestyle Foundamentals Workshop will explore the fundamentals of breaking as one of the core elements of hip hop. Also delve into the concept of understanding and dancing to an entire track from start to finish, and how to dance freely with the music instead of only focusing on doing moves during breaks.
peace unity love and having fun”


8-9pm Kids Under 13
9pm-10pm 13+

Cost: 10 BUCKS!!!!!

“Bboy Born has been dedicated to breaking for 14 years. He has received global recognition for his successes at local and international events where he has been invited to judge and compete. Together with his team Rivers Crew of South Korea, he has continued to share good energies about the true enjoyment of dance and respect for one another.”

61Syx Teknique 2014

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61Syx Teknique has been one of Michigan’s Prominent Breakin’ crews for the past 10 years. A decade of traveling, performing, competing, learning, and building has lead them on a journey that has been amazing! Now passing down their knowledge to the next generation at 61Syx Street Dance Academy, the crew hopes to build a scene in the Greater Grand Rapids Area!

Here’s a highlight reel of 61Syx’s Crew from the past decade!

Winter Closings

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The Winter weather is here! With that said. 61Syx SDA’s classes are ran along side with Kenowa Hills Night Time Activities! If Kenowa’s Evening sports events/classes are cancelled then 61Syx SDA’s classes will also be cancelled for the evening.

Please keep up to date with our Facebook Page for the fastest day-to-day closings! and for the latests on school closings!

Il Breaks Champions

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Il Breaks 10! Seoul teamed up with Man of God (Motion Disorderz) and Red Kid (5 Crew Dynasty) to create the team “No Homo Domo”. Their dance ability and character helped them take home the W! Much love and respect to Floor Lovers Illinois for putting on such a dope event for 10 years! You can see the footage below! Congratulations to “No Homo Domo”.

Top 32 – No Homo Domo vs Rogue Gallery

Top16 – No Homo Domo vs Gigadrill

Quarterfinals – No Homo Domo vs Chicago Fusion

Semifinals – No Homo Domo vs Gravity Crooks

FINALS – No Homo Domo vs Gravity Benders

The Kids of 61Syx SDA

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November 1st the kids of 61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy spread out to represent the studio and their crews, The Rockit Scientists, Ground Force1, and Aerial Tactics in both Nashville Tennessee, and Chicago Illinois.

All of the kids did amazing with Sylentz, and Viper both making it to the finals of their brackets in the “Never Been Kissed” Catagory at Remember the Name IV.

And in Nashville ALL SIX of our students made top 8 at the 615 House of Dance Student/Mentor Battle and Rock Da Floor 1v1. Bree-o, Swidit, Dynamite, Dystraktion, Hornet and Sleevez all did an amazing job down there. With Swidit taking home the win in both the 1.5 Battle with his Partner Sek-1, and the 1v1 Battle!!! Congratulations!!!

Here are a couple of the videos and links to the channels to see all of the footage!

Remember The Name IV Footage

615 House Of Dance Student/Mentor Battle Footage

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61Syx Teknique X Artprize Awards

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On 10.10.14 61Syx Teknique and the promoters of one of the worlds largest art competition, Art Prize, bridged a gap between HipHop and the rather conservative city that is Grand Rapids. The crew took the stage in front of workers, contestants, and event staff and brought down the house! Here are some of the pictures and a video from the night!

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61Syx SDA Student Battle

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Student Battle Flyer

Saturday, December 13th
4:00pm – 8:00pm

Doors Open at 4, Battles start at 5 SHARP

Cost: 5 Dollars Kids
10 Dollars Adults

Where: Louie’s Bar
608 Bridge st NW
Grand Rapids, MI

STUDENTS ONLY can compete. This battle is designed to help build up our local community, and helping the young generation gain experience in battling.

1v1 BBoy/BGirl Battle & “Hunger Games” 3v3 Invite Battle

Winners Get Trophies and Prize Packs.

Age Brackets

7 and Under
18 and Older

“HUNGER GAMES 3v3 Invite Only Battle”

Invited Crews:
2. The Rooks
3. Market Fresh Boys
4. Powersoul/Flowhio
5. Circle Junkeez
6. Soul Drunk
7. MCRz
8. 99 Stylez

Vertchu – 61Syx Teknique (Grand Rapids, MI)

Stytches – Chicago Tribe (Ann Arbor, MI)

Moks – Ground Syndrome/Motion Disorderz (Chicago, IL)

TRON – Vertical Ambition

Seoul – 61Syx/GSK (Grand Rapids, MI)

Here it is! The footage of the Adult battle from 61Syx Teknique 10 Year Anniversary Jam! All this footage was shot by the one and only Cisko Gomez. Shout out to Rul9, Rak Thai, and Wrecklords for helping sponsor the event. Congratulations to Mijo for winning the event!

Welcome Phil Mac!

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Phil Mac aka Philmaculate aka Tough actin Phil Afton aka EGR has officially joined the family of 61Syx Teknique. Saturday August 30th the crew met at the studio for a surprise roast session of the one we know as Phil Mac. Phil has been a part of our family since 2010 and we found that it was only right to have him be an official part of the family on the weekend of our 10 year anniversary! 

61Syx on WZZM

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) — Grand Rapids is known by many names: Furniture City, Beer City USA, a cool city, and now Street Dance City.

61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy, one of the only breakdance schools in the Midwest, is celebrating 10 years in Grand Rapids.

Keegan ‘Seoul’ Loye owns 61Syx Teknique on Alpine.

“We have been around for 10 years now, and it is a growing thing,” explains Loye. “Its been a crazy crazy journey.”

Loye teaches street dancing, or more specifically, a type of it called breakdancing. It’s been featured in movies and TV shows like “So You Think You Can Dance.” Dancers flip, spin on their backs and even their head, and do things that at first glance can appear to be impossible.

Keegan started 10 years ago, dancing in garages and basements with his crew. He would travel to different places learning more moves and teaching others. He soon opened his dance school and has been competing across the nation.

Loye teaches classes for all ages, with students as young as 3 and adults older than 60. Ashton Halland is a 12-year-old student of Loye.

“Try it, and see if you like it. If you don’t like, it is ok,” says Halland.

His students have won a number of competitions around the Midwest.

“I have won quite a bit,” Halland said. “I have won 5.”

Loye’s studio has made quite a name for itself as a result, and after 10 years, it has helped put Grand Rapids on the breakdance map.

While his students like to win, the studio’s philosophy is about taking one step at a time. A plaque on the wall reads, “It’s not about being the best…It’s about being better than you were yesterday.”

Loye is celebrating his studio’s tenth anniversary with a competition in Grand Rapids Friday at Louie’s Bar and Rocket Lounge on Bridge Street from 6 p.m. to at least 10 p. m.