The Art of BBoying at Upper Iowa University

Written by: Isabel Sin

We don’t talk Foxtrot. We don’t talk Salsa. We don’t talk Waltz. There is something different we talk about. You think you got it all? Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the streets? The term “street dance,” also known as vernacular dance, is used to describe dance styles that come out of the dance studio. Out of studio locations include streets, dance parties, block parties, parks, school yards, raves, nightclubs, and any other random place.

Some examples of street dance include the Melbourne Shuffle (originally from Melbourne, Australia), Tecktonik (originally from Paris, France), and B-Boying. B-Boying, often known as “breakdancing,” is a popular street dance that was created via the hip-hop culture among African Americans and Latino youths in New York City.

The group 61Syx is all about street dancing. They are part of the Coleman Entertainment Group who perform at colleges across the United States. Upper Iowa University was lucky enough to have them perform in the new ballroom.

61Syx did a 45 minutes performance and an hour-long workshop to take students through the evolution of B-Boying. They started from the moves in the 1970’s and slowly moved to the boom in the ‘80’s. After that, they showed all the latest styles of foofwork, powermoves, freezes, and also battle tactics. They gave students one advice: “If you have not tried this before, don’t give it a try. We manage to do all these through years and years of practice,” Honestly, one has to see the moves to believe it. Some of the moves are not easy at all.

61Syx Teknique has a mission to continue to change the cultural perception of rap by counteracting the stereotypical “gangsta rap” mindset that media has accused hip hop of being. Hip Hop is more than just a genre of music, but a culture that has affected a lot of individuals, including 61Syx members.

If you were not present the day 61Syx performed, you missed out of an amazing opportunity to learn about street dancing. You might have watched a lot of movies like Step Up, Stomp the Yard, Honey and many more – but nothing beats a real life experience of dancing.

Street dancing is a worldwide phenomenon. There are dance battles from all around the world in order to find world champions. Even though on the surface the dances look like a battle, the truth is that everyone around the world is just sharing their passion for dancing and what they have learned from others. 61Syx is something you’ll have to see to believe.

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