The Trifecta

The Trifecta

Blank, Bullitz, Gnat, Seoul and Rox-it from Beatsick Misfits all headed out to Rochester, MI this past weekend to compete in a 1v1 competition called “Campus Wreckreation”.

Campus Wreckreation is a one of a kind battle that is directed towards college students and post secondary education students. The 1v1 was both a BBoy/Bgirl battle, Allstyles battle, and a Cypher King/Queen battle.

With everyone except for Seoul being in college everyone repped 61Syx extremely hard! With Gnat losing in an a Double Tie Breaker to Nova in the top 16. And Bullitz taking a loss to Classic Cho in top 16 as well.

Blank however, perservered through other breakers from all over the state to take home his first 1v1 competition victory!

Seoul, went in to compete in the cypher king competition. Competing with about 8 other BBoys, Seoul took out members of Robotops and 99 Stylez to take home the award of Cypher King!

Meanwhile on the other side of the state in Battle Creek, MI. Raze1 competed against several other local bboys in a 1v1 competition called “Break it Down” This called for Raze to show his diversity seeing how some of the battles were judged by crowd participation! in the end he over powered the rest of the dancers and took home a 3rd Victory for the crew in the same day!

Check out some of the Footage from all of the Jams!

Campus Wreckreation FINALS: Blank vs Nova

Campus Wreckreation Cypher King FINALS: Seoul vs Ryan vs Flex-a-Ill

Raze Round 1 @ Break It Down

Congratulations Crew!

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