Youth Movement!

Youth Movement brought together Spoken Word poetry and Breakdance to celebrate positive Hip Hop culture and inspire the youth. Youth Movement was a collaboration between Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities, 61SYX Teknique Street Dance Academy, and local Spoken Word poetry performers.
Above from top left: Eva, Azizi, Preacher C, Brian Urbane, Keegan Loye, Bgirl Snap, Ant
Event host, poet, & dancer Keegan “Seoul” Loye performing a piece about love. Keegan taught breakdance at the Cook Arts Center and is currently owner of 61SYX Teknique Street Dance Academy. He believes it is importance for the youth to have creative outlets & positive role models.

Poet Kee performing one of his pieces.

Above: students intently watched poets perform for an hour before intermission. How often do you see that?!

Duke Green aka MC C3P0 Dropping one of his rhymes for the crowd.

Spoken Word Poets gave high energy performances that were inspiring to all ages. Pieces talked about having the courage to find your voice, overcoming hatred in the world, and empowering the next generation.
Above: during intermission, Keegan pumps up the students for the breakdance segment.

Bgirl Snap hitting a Baby Freeze.

Baby Freeze!

After the breakdance segment, the lights went low once again for some more amazing Spoken Word performances.

Azizi Jasper AKA Token Blaq Poet.

Preacher C Closed off the night with a piece reminiscing on the good ole 90’s.

Bullitz, and Seoul, the two instructors of 61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy

Thanks again to the Cook Arts Center, 61SYX Street Dance Academy, Keegan “Seoul” Loye, all the performers & dancers. Special thanks also goes to professional photographer Katherine Thelen for taking all these beautiful pictures.Youth Movement was fantastic!!

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