2TheFloor 2 Recap

Saturday, April 14th 2012. 61Syx Teknique rolled deep into Detroit to compete at 2TheFloor 2. Bringing 5 Squads 61Syx Teknique immediately showed why they are one of the most dominant squads in the state of Michigan. With 61Syx Rock-it Scientists, Dramatik and Keenon making Top 16. Blank and Bullitz being taken out by their own squad, Goblin and K2Roc in the Top 16. Gnat and Skillz (Circle Junkeez) being taken out by their own squad, Seoul and Nova (Hardcore Detroit). Goblin and K2Roc losing to Crooks Crew in the Semi Finals. Seoul and Nova took home the Win over Crooks Crew! As well as Seoul winning the 1v1 Toprock Battle of ManofGod (Motion Disorderz) in the Finals! Congratulations to everyone esp. Goblin and K2Roc who will be representing Michigan at Breakin’ The Law 9 in May!

Here’s some of the battles!

Smash Bang Fusion (Seoul & Nova) vs Robotops (Ryan, Marhve)

Weaponz of Rhythm (K2Roc, Goblin) vs Crooks Crew (Adverse, Berto)

Toprock FINALS: Seoul vs ManofGod

2v2 BBoy Battle FINALS: Smash Bang Fusion vs Crooks Crew

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