61Syx at Franklin College

Written By:
Gabrielle Sully

61Syx Teknique Dance Crew, pronounced six one six from Grand Rapids, Mich., made an impression to a nearly full Custer Theatre Thursday night.  The crew went through the elements of hip-hop, explaining how graffiti, emcees, disc jockeys and break dancing are powerful elements that contribute to their art.

The crew also took the audience through a history lesson on break dancing that featured dances and music from the seventies through 2012. 61syx Teknique was created in Michigan six years ago, and each crew member had his own background in dancing.

“I started in the crew five years ago.  I lived in my car for two weeks before I met the crew,” said a crew member known as BBoy K2Roc. “Watching them made me want to dance. They let me dance because I did crumping, which was different, and they accepted me.”

K2Roc said he uses dancing as an outlet to connect with people and the earth.

“It is a way to speak without speaking. In this dance, you can’t lie. Everyone knows your true self. They can speak your language.”
The crew tried to show the audience how to do some of their simpler dance moves by inviting audience members on stage.

That’s when junior Ray Brents became part of the show.

“I have done it before, so it was natural. I love dancing. This was like something you see on TV or the internet,” he said. “It was really cool to see it in person. It was just a really high energy experience.”

After the show Brents and about 20 other students joined the dance crew for a workshop that explored more break dance moves and the technique.

This was the first time Student Entertainment Board brought a dance crew to Franklin College.

“This was so different from anything we have ever had on campus,” said Natalie Scott, a junior SEB member. “I liked when they broke it down into eras. I really hope they can come back because I feel like it was more geared towards our generation [than other campus events].”

One response to “61Syx at Franklin College

  1. I hear you are coming to East Grand Rapids High School in a few weeks to do the same program – can’t wait!
    P. Steers

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