It’s That Time of Year Again!

With the crazy twists and turns that life has dealt to the members of the crew with the Passing of Raze1 (R.I.P). The crew has set it’s sights on what he would want most, to get focused, battle, and move forward! With the school year underway, it’s battle time once again!!

The passed two weekends, Seoul has traveled out to Chicago and Minneapolis with the homie Jaestrada (Ruckus Crew) Wayne Gravy (Stylin’ Out), Lil Phil and Angelo (Canton Clan) and Ryan (Robotops) to take on some competition out of state! In the first weekend Seoul and Jaestrada took 2nd place to Self-X in an outdoor 2v2 at All Elements 2012 in Rockford, IL. On top of taking 2nd in the BBoy battle, Seoul also took first place in the poetry slam!

The Following weekend brought everyone together to hit up a jam in chicago and one in Minnesota, sadly, placing in neither, but both jams we’re extremely dope, and a very big learning experience!

Here are some clips from the passed couple weekends:

All Elements 2012: Semi-Finals – 61Syx Ruckus vs Stylin’ Out

School of Hard Rocks: Prelims – Clan of RoboTek vs Dungeon Kings

The Warriors Presents: Come Out To Play: Prelims – 61Syx Ruckus Style vs Too noisy Too Nasty

The Next event thrown in Michigan will be 61Syx SDA’s 2 year anniversary jam! You won’t want to miss out on this one yall!!!!

Facebook Event:

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