Thank you!

A giant THANK YOU goes out to everyone who came to support 61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy 2 year Anniversary Jam! What a weekend it was! Special quick shoutouts to all those who helped me put some things together, K2Roc for holding down the wheels of steel for the kids battle, Marcus, Bullitz, Darline for running the door. Casey Reed from Salsalogy ( for allowing us into his home to run this event. Omega, Slim and Tora for judging! and Christlike for hosting! You all help make this event run as smooth as possible!

Congratulations goes out to Sylentz and Viper for winning the 2v2 Student Battle, and K2Roc (61Syx/WOR) and Ram (Chicago Tribe) for winning the 2v2 Adult Battle!

Footage of the student battle will be posted up by the end of the week HERE

In the Meantime check out a couple of the battles!!!

Quarterfinals: Big D and Code Roc vs Viper and Sylentz

Semifinals: Weaponz of Tribe (K2Roc, Ram) vs Ground Syndrome Killaz (Moks, Phu)

We’ll see yall at the next one!

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