61Syx Takes a Win in Ann Arbor

This past weekend 61Syx Teknique represented in full effect at the Element1 10 Year Anniversary Jam. Bringing two kids crews World Famous (Hornet, Dystraktion) and Rockit Scientists (Viper, Sylentz), as well as Bullitz and Freedom (99 Stylez) bringing back their original crew Concrete Evolution, and Seoul and Goblin taking home the win after a tie breaker vs Runway Models, Like Woah (Ryan, Cho). It was nice to see the michigan scene’s improvement. And to see plenty of new bboys and bgirls representing. Congratulations to Seoul and Goblin!!! Here is 61Syx’s Footage from the battle!


Sylentz and Viper vs Funk Punks

Hornet and Dystraktion vs 99 Stylez

Concrete Evolution vs 99 Stylez 2

61Syx Teknique vs Canton BBoy Club

Top 16

61Syx Teknique vs Fellowship of the Fresh

Concrete Evolution vs Motor City Rockerz

Quarter Finals

61Syx Teknique vs Stytches

Concrete Evolution vs Runway Models, Like Woah

Semi Finals

61Syx Teknique vs BAD Robots


61Syx Teknique vs Runway Models, Like Woah

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