Bullitz of 61Syx SDA Helps Inspire a New Kids Crew!

A Huge congratulations goes out to Brian “Bullitz” Urbane, an instructor at 61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy for helping inspire five kids at the Grandville Avenue of the Arts Community Center to begin their own crew called “Aerial Tactics”!!!!

“Cook Arts Center youth are turning their hats and throwing on baggy jeans for their weekly Breakdancing class. Four of our Breakdance students in particular have taken their love for breakdancing to the next level, having formed their own crew under the name “Aerial Tactic” with the help of their class instructor, Brian Urbane, and our Program Director, Steffanie Rosalez.  The crew has been officially approved for Cook Arts Center sponsorship and will be receiving many more opportunities to perform in the Grand Rapid’s community and beyond.  We’re all very excited!

Aerial Tactic is comprised of five members that range between the ages of 10-13.  Their names, along with their “Bboy” (i.e. breakdance) names are as follows: Ignacio L. “Ignasty”, Edgar J. “Rezponce,” Antonio J.  “Swidt,” Carlos L. “Skrewlooze” and Noe R. This crew is extremely talented and managed to place in a sizable breakdancing tournament that was held in Kalamazoo during the weekend of February 9th. The crew took 18th out of nearly 100 teams in the Kalamazoo West Michigan University tournament – a major accomplishment!

But these boys don’t just work on their dance skills here at the arts center or during tournament times.  For them, breakdance is a very serious affair.  They all agreed that they breakdance as often as they can, whether that’s at school or in their room listening to their favorite Breakdance music by DJ Fleg.  I’ve witnessed personally that these boys love their breakdancing class more than anything; before I could finish saying goodbye to all of them, they smiled at me and sped off after saying a quick goodbye to go practice some more. ” -Justin Kamp

Aerial Tactic crew from left to right: Carlos L., Antonio J., Ignacio L., Edgar J. and Noe R.

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