61Syx SDA Presents: TIMELESS

Kids Cypher2

Wow, what an event. With over 300 people packing up in Eve inside the BOB. 61Syx SDA Took over the 4th floor with parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and friends to show love and support to the students of 61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy. 38 Teams of a kid, and an adult battling to become the “Timeless 1.5 Battle Champion”.

I’d like to take this time to say thank you to all of the 61Syx Teknique Family who helped me put the event on, Special thanks to ATN (Battleborn), K2Roc (61Syx/WOR) and Lou (GSK) for judging. Dezzy Dezz (Soulgasm) for spinning on the ones and twos, Christlike (61Syx) For co-hosting. Tim Reilly for the photography, Michael Truong for the Filming, and of course the awesome staff at the BOB for allowing us to have our event there!

Congratulations to JFunky (Crooks) for winning the 1v1. And Marvee (Robotops) and Hornet (61Syx) for winning the 1.5 battle.

Pictures of the event can be found here:

And Here:

And in case you missed it. Here’s a recap video!

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