Age Doesn’t Matter

CAD Senior Hip-Hop 1.jpg


“The senior hip hop class was three months in the making at Sentinel Pointe Retirement Community in Cascade.

What started out as an April Fool’s joke has now become reality. Marketing director Laurie Duvernay thought it would be fun to see how the residents would react if they were offered a chance to learn some hard-core break dance moves.

“I decided that with the trend in retirement homes having their residents dance and lip sync to catch the viral trend of lip dubs and ‘Harlem shake’ videos, I would put a fake announcement at our independent/assisted living facility that we planned to begin training the residents to break dance,” said Duvernay. “I told them Sentinel Pointe would be encouraging its residents to learn the moves in order to gain a competitive edge in the highly competitive seniors doing funny dance moves video trend.”

What started out as an April Fool’s joke has become somewhat of a reality. “We aren’t making this up and this time it is no joke,” said Duvernay, “We are holding our first senior hip hop dance class for Sentinel Pointe residents.”

CAD Senior Hip-Hop 2.jpg

Local hip hop dance instructor Keegan Loye saw the announcement and not only believed it, he asked to attend the event. The first class, held June 5 was led by Loye, combining some standard Hip Hop moves with a senior-friendly brand of calisthenics and agility exercises – all to a hip hop soundtrack.

 “Loved it, I really loved it! I did a little dancing with my walker,” said resident Ida Gindzin.”

It just goes to show… HipHop is for everyone no matter the age.

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