!!!!Raise 4 Raze 2013!!!!


61Syx SDA and Eastown Street Fair Present:

Raise 4 Raze!!!!!


Last year (in a week might I add) we were able to raise over 1000 dollars for Raze’s Family to go towards whatever they needed.

The plan is this year to do it once again! Now that Ryu is with us- as some know taking care of a baby is not easy. So we’re here to try and lighten up the load a bit.

There is NO entry fee. But we do ask that you donate what you can. Weather it be 5 dollars- 10 dollars – diapers etc.

2v2 BBoy/BGirl Battle – 150 Bucks and Trophy
1v1 Allstyles Battle – 75 Bucks and Trophy


Eastown Street Fair
We will be in the “Ethel Parking Lot” (Same as last year)
Behind All City Kicks

ACK Address:
1500 Wealthy St.
Grand Rapids, MI

Backup Venue: 61Syx SDA



BBoy/BGirl Battle:
Coda – Weaponz of Rhythm
K2Roc – 61Syx/ Weaponz of Rhythm

Allstyles Battle:
Posiden – Cymatic Souls
Pringlez – Venus Fly Traps

DJ: Seoul

Host: TBA

We will also be doing another Raffle this year. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and donating into the Raffle, please hit me up ASAP.


Eastown Street Fair – http://www.eastowngr.com
61Syx SDA – http://www.61syx.com
All City Kicks – http://www.ackgr.com
Well Done Inc – http://www.welldoneinc.com
Palermo Pizza – http://www.palermo-pizza.com
Medical Massage by Rebekah Russell

Keegan.loye@gmail.com or 616.826.8013


Dustin Raze Pike was a BBoy (breakdancer) born and raised in Sturgis, MI and moved to Grand Rapids to join the crew 61Syx Teknique where he grew to become one of the Midwest’s most known and respected BBoys. On top of practicing almost 30 hours a week- Raze worked a factory job to help pay the bills until he opened up 61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy in November 2010. The Street Dance Academy is a one of a kind dance studios that only focused on teaching the art of the Street Dance most known as Breakdancing. The studio (Ran by Keegan Loye) is still up and running and successfully helping teach kids and young adults about HipHop Culture.

After cementing his legacy in the midwest, Raze decided to take the next step in furthering his dancing career in early 2011 and moved out to Las Vegas where he trained under one of the worlds most prominent BBoy crews named “Battleborn” While out there he and his fiance came to find that they were expecting a baby! So doing what was best for the family Raze decided to put his dancing career on hold- and start to build a family. Moving back to Sturgis for a period of time to help save money and teach classes in an area where he believed needed the right guidance!

In September 2012 while sleeping Raze fell into a hypoglycemic coma- which left him in a vegative state for almost a week. On September 14th 2012, Raze passed away at Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo… Raze was one of the most dedicated and driven people who I have ever met. His passion for HipHop led him all over the country and allowed him to share his story and dance with thousands of people.

We began Raise for Raze last year with the hopes to help raise money for whatever his family needed- medical bills, diapers, rent etc. With the help of family, friends and his crew we were able to raise over 2000 dollars last year for his Fiancee and unborn son (Ryu).

Ryu is now 6 months old and we all know that being a single mom is no easy task. The goal of the Raise for Raze battle is to help celebrate the legacy and phenomenal life that Raze lived through the dance that he was so passionate about. As well as help teach his son about what kind of father he had- and the impact that he left on the community.

This year- the Raise for Raze battle will be held at the Eastown Street Fair behind All City Kicks, and we will be holding a 2on2 BBoy/BGirl battle, as well as a 1on1 Allstyles Battle. Donations are being made by many small businesses to be raffled off at the battle as well. Including All City Kicks, Urban Obsession Salon, Palermo’s Pizza, Well Done Inc. and many more.

The date is set for September 14th (the day that Raze passed) 2013 in the Ethel Lot behind All City Kicks, and the event is FREE but we are accepting Donations. 100% of the proceeds are being donated to his family! The battles will be starting at 3pm. And we’ll be there dancing and celebrating all evening. This is an all ages event there will be many kids competing. So please bring the whole family down!

For any other information please visit www.61syx.com or contact Keegan “Seoul” Loye at 616.826.8013

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