Capture The Breaker 2013

Capture the Breaker – a new concept battle that took place in Ann Arbor, MI at the University of Michigan. BBoys and BGirls took the stage in the preliminary round to try and make top 32. From there they were paired up randomly to make the top 16 bracket a 2v2 Battle. After each round the winners of the battle got to “Capture” one dancer from the opposing team and move on to the next round. The final round ended up being a 5v5. Many members of 61Syx and 61Syx SDA competed. In the end It was the team of Seoul, Ryan (Robotops), Big Brother (Soul Drunk), Randy (Rogue Gallery), and Slim (Beatsick Misfits) taking home the win! Here’s a quick recap of the event! Enjoy!

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