61Syx SDA Wins in Chicago!

61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy showed that the future of Grand Rapids HipHop is very bright! On Saturday 11/23/13, 61Syx SDA, family and friends packed into the Latin Street Dance Academy in Chicago for Kid Jungle’s “Battle of the Dojos” a battle that was focused for kids. The competition was great and the students were able to vibe with other kids who LOVE HipHop and Street Dance. 61Syx SDA came home with Wins in 4 out of 5 categories including: 1st Place! Best Show! Kids 7tosmoke (Viper)! and Most Valuable Breaker (Dystraktion)!

This event was the first of many to come in the Chicago area so be on the lookout! Much love to all of the dancers and instructors who did their thing! Latin Street Dance Academy, ABC Breakers, Sweatshop Movement, Ground Motion Studio, and of course 61Syx SDA!

FINAL BATTLE || 61Syx SDA vs Sweatshop Movement


KIDS 7TOSMOKE || Viper – 11 Years old

MOST VALUABLE BREAKER || Dystraktion – 7 Years old

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