61Syx at Grand Master Flash

The night before Thanksgiving, the biggest bar night of the year, and one of the rawest events to happen in Grand Rapids for the year of 2013. This passed Wednesday 61Syx Teknique teamed up with DJ Snax, DJ Psycho and the legendary Grand Master Flash to bring HipHop to Grand Rapids in it’s purest form. With Psycho opening up and 61Syx getting down during his set we took the fans on a journey back to original breaks, and a non stop cypher. DJ Snax followed showing the crowd why he is one of West Michigan’s most popular DJ’s and then finally the legend stepped in. Playing all genres of music to show that HipHop is much more than just that. He had the crowd moving playing tracks that ranged from Nirvana to Michael Jackson, Run DMC, even some Aha. It was a great representation of the movement and the culture that is HipHop. Below you can find a couple pictures from 61Syx’s opening set!

A huge shoutout goes to Tami Vanderberg and the folks at the Pyramid scheme for bringing such a dope event.

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