Bashville Stampede 10


Bashville is so much more than just a jam to most people who attend. It’s more like a family reunion. Dancers from Flordia, Texas, Ohio, NYC, Chicago, Ohio, Michigan and more all met at Rocketown in Nashville for the 10 year anniversary of Bashville Stampede. The competition was crazy, the DJ’s were on fire and with Seoul on the mic the vibe was hype all the way through. With 3000 dollars and a qualifier for Freestyle Session World Finals on the line Squadron took home the Win over Supreme Beings. But the newest addition was a kids battle! Where 61Syx SDA’s students took 3 of the top 4 spots. and Viper took home the Win! Congratulations to Viper!!! The kids of 61Syx SDA Are on the come up! Keep your eyes open for them!!!!

Thank you and Congratulations to QKong, and Brittany for 10 years of Bashville Stampede!


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