Rocking Workshop with Rob Nasty!!!


61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy Presents:

Rock Dance Mechanics with Rob Rob-Nasty Rocker!!

Facebook Event:

Cost: 10 Dollars

Where: 61Syx Teknique SDA
2751 Alpine Ave
Grand Rapids, MI

Workshop incudes:
Basic to advanced styles of Rocking (Up-Rock and Top-Rock),Freestyle Foundations,Incorporating Hand-styles
Understanding of up counts and down counts in music,
Transitions between steps and transitions to the floor,
Integrating Rock Styles with Breaking and B-Boying.

The Rock Dance also known as “Rocking” or the “Uprock” has been the center of controversy in the B-Boy Community for the past 15 years!
The war-like dance started in NYC during the late 60s and was the precursor to Breakdancing and paralleled the Disco Era.
Due to the exclusiveness of The Brooklynights and New York Natives, Rocking has been a secretive form of dance… Until NOW!
Rob Nasty is a Champion Uprocker and established B-Boy from the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 20 years.
He has made personal pilgrimages to Brooklyn NYC and learned from the best of the best at this style of dance.
A seasoned veteran in all forms of “Rocking”,
Rob Nasty is leading the next generation of dancers into the “New Rock Era”, and is dedicated to spreading “Rock Dance Culture” around the world!

Winner of 2004 True to the Game: Uprock Comp – Sacramento,CA
Winner of 2007 B-Boy Hodown: Uprock Comp – Houston,TX
Winner of 2008 Raiders of the Lost Art: Uprock Comp – Brooklyn,NYC
Winner of 2008 Dynasty Rockers 35th Anniversary: Uprock Comp – Las Vegas,NV

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