61Syx Teknique 10 year Anniversary Recap (By Choppy Blades)

“10 Years of 61Syx Bboy Greatness
Choppy Blades

61Syx Teknique had their 10th Anniversary Jam last night 8/29/2014 at Louies Bar and Rocket Lounge (608 Bridge ST, Grand Rapids, MI).  What a night!  I’m not sure where to begin so let me paint this picture in your mind: DJ Druski rocking the tables with an epic hip hop breaks set as 3 cyphers are going on inside and 1 cypher outside.  Oh by the way, this is all after DJ RX78 spun the inspiring kids 2 on 2 battle won by bboys Kikkoman and Hornet and before the 1 on 1 adult battle eventaully won by Mijo.  If that isn’t enough, get outside and peep out the dope graffiti writing going on live by TIER 2, HTOWNINK, EUFOE, and 100% MILK.  A night of authentic hip hop culture that any true school hiphoppa would salivate over.  

61Syx Teknique continues to set themselves apart from other breakers as the Midwest’s premier bboy crew.  For 10 years they have been the leaders in Grand Rapids bboying and always show love to the other elements in a true school way.  61Syx is no hidden gem, they are more like a mountain towering over the bboy scene in West Michigan.  They travel throughout the country representing authentic hip hop and Grand Rapids, MI.  You may have even caught them representing at Miami’s Pro Am if you were lucky enough to be there this year.  

61Syx Teknique

DJ Druski

R.I.P. Raze


Kikkoman & Hornet




Dynamite & J Sway




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