61Syx Teknique X Artprize Awards

On 10.10.14 61Syx Teknique and the promoters of one of the worlds largest art competition, Art Prize, bridged a gap between HipHop and the rather conservative city that is Grand Rapids. The crew took the stage in front of workers, contestants, and event staff and brought down the house! Here are some of the pictures and a video from the night!

1911859_850154785016721_3847877966242712751_n1239699_850154911683375_3403508597189465897_n 10666094_850154888350044_5159257811606749579_n 10380971_850154875016712_5002512763844514521_n 1901391_850154858350047_536120385395261866_n 10310101_850154855016714_6575164089590842417_n

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