The Kids of 61Syx SDA

November 1st the kids of 61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy spread out to represent the studio and their crews, The Rockit Scientists, Ground Force1, and Aerial Tactics in both Nashville Tennessee, and Chicago Illinois.

All of the kids did amazing with Sylentz, and Viper both making it to the finals of their brackets in the “Never Been Kissed” Catagory at Remember the Name IV.

And in Nashville ALL SIX of our students made top 8 at the 615 House of Dance Student/Mentor Battle and Rock Da Floor 1v1. Bree-o, Swidit, Dynamite, Dystraktion, Hornet and Sleevez all did an amazing job down there. With Swidit taking home the win in both the 1.5 Battle with his Partner Sek-1, and the 1v1 Battle!!! Congratulations!!!

Here are a couple of the videos and links to the channels to see all of the footage!

Remember The Name IV Footage

615 House Of Dance Student/Mentor Battle Footage

10698457_10152472698939033_1633351306278862873_n 1743599_10204172317660747_2123988774285375810_n 1940016_10152472697979033_2498719772699140069_n 10606132_10152472698299033_6523468521238722559_n 1510661_10152472698664033_2453446824922720697_n

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