Born is Back!

61Syx SDA Welcomes BBoy Born (Rivers/Floorgangz/MZK) back again for another workshop!


2 Different Classes!

“Bboy Born’s Freestyle Foundamentals Workshop will explore the fundamentals of breaking as one of the core elements of hip hop. Also delve into the concept of understanding and dancing to an entire track from start to finish, and how to dance freely with the music instead of only focusing on doing moves during breaks.
peace unity love and having fun”


8-9pm Kids Under 13
9pm-10pm 13+

Cost: 10 BUCKS!!!!!

“Bboy Born has been dedicated to breaking for 14 years. He has received global recognition for his successes at local and international events where he has been invited to judge and compete. Together with his team Rivers Crew of South Korea, he has continued to share good energies about the true enjoyment of dance and respect for one another.”

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