BBoy Puzzles Workshop!


61Syx SDA Presents:

Dynamic Foundations with Puzzles (Supernaturalz Crew)

We are BACK AGAIN with another Amazing workshop. We will be doing both a Kids, and an adult, TWO HOUR WORKSHOP!

This time representing Supernaturalz Crew, from Toronto Canada we have Puzzles!

1pm-3pm – Kids 12 and Under
3pm-5pm – Adults 13 Up

25 Dollars.

61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy
2751 Alpine Ave
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

“We will explore the different speeds, angles and levels of basic foundational moves. Also dropping history gems that i have learn along the way in my 20yrs of breaking.” – Puzzles

Known for his dynamic footwork, smooth transitions, flava and style. He is one of the most recognized bboys in the world. Puzzles understanding of this dance has earned him multiple world titles and also given him the opportunity to judge and teach workshops all over the globe.

Started his journey in the dance of bboying in 1996. Puzzles base his style on the foundations and history of bboying while adding his own spins and flips to make it his own.

Since 2008, he’s won international battles all over the world such as
Freestyle Session (LA, USA),
Rocksteady Anniversary (New York, USA),
Mighty 4 (Detroit, USA),
Total Session (France),
Keep On Dancing(China),
International Mix Dance Battle (Korea),
Floor Wars (Denmark),
Just For Laugh (Canada),
BIS Footwork Battle (China),
World Of Dance (Canada),
Break the Floor (France) and
Circle Industry (Austria) just to name a few.

This impressive run has owed at least a little something to a bboy from Pickering, Ontario. The Supernatz member and Redbull BC one rookie contributes an array of dancing abilities to his crew. His impeccable footwork stands out, but so does the sense of musicality that he shows whether he’s toprocking or rolling through a blow up. The end result is a tendency to stun crowds and leave others inspired.

During Puzzles 17yrs in bboying, he’s have been lucky enough to have judge in all parts of the world. Here are a few events he’s had the pleasure to judge in the pass few yrs.

Master the Art (Michigan, USA) .. 2009, 2012
Circles (Virginia, USA) .. 2009
The Prince (Hong Kong) .. 2010
B1 Project (Japan) .. 2010
Bonn Battle (Germany) .. 2011
Battle Cry (Germany) .. 2012
R16 South East Asia Final (Taiwan) .. 2012
R16 Korea Qualifier (Korea) .. 2012
Hunan City Battle (China) .. 2012
Challenge Cup (Taiwan) .. 2012
Foundnation 10yr anniversary (Japan) .. 2012
Floor Combat (Malaysia) .. 2012
Cypher Kingz (Maylaysia) .. 2012
Rhythm Attack 11yr anniversary (Hong Kong) .. 2012
Play your cards right (Vancouver, Canada) .. 2013
Soul Cyphers (Florida) .. 2013

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