61Syx SDA Fall Schedule

61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy is happy to announce their Fall Schedule.

Beginning September 1st 61Syx will be offering a level class every day of the week, We will offer 5 different level classes. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Uber-Advanced, and Adult Classes.
Class Instructors: Seoul, Randum, Ant

Class Descriptions:

Dance Experience 1 year and under. A level for all students who have never tried breakin’ or need assistance with foundational and fundamental movements.

Dance Experience 1-2 Years, and must have a firm grasp on fundamentals of Breakin’, and be able to combine movements in the form of Freestyling. Also, student must be able to have a basic understanding of Music, and counts.

Dance Experience 2-3 Years, A level for students who no longer need foundation assistance, and are able to begin creating their own style, and moving as ‘one with the beat’. This level will also offer a better understanding the culture of HipHop. (2 classes per week suggested).

Dance Experience 3+ Years. This level is offered to students that have developed a style, and technique of their own. Students should also able to create movements and put them to music flawlessly. A level where we will no longer be teaching individual moves, but focusing on the movement, and artform of Breakin’. (2+ classes per week suggested).

Adult Classes:
Ages 16+ Classes are offered to adults at all skill levels once a day. Classes will be more of an individualized class depending on each breakers skill level

If you are unsure of what class level you should be attending, please contact Seoul.

Open Session:
Mondays-Thursdays from 9pm-11pm. This is not like a formal class setting. Open session is a practice session open to the community, for you to practice, build and develop your dance skills. All styles of dance are welcome!

The class schedule will be as follows:

1 Class per week: $60/Month
2 Classes per week: $100/Month
3 Classes per week: $125/Month
Unlimited Classes: $150/Month
Drop in classes: $20/Class
Private classes: $25/Hour

**Please note payment is due on the 1st class of each month, a five dollar late fee will be applied for each week payment is late.**

To enroll please contact us HERE
email: keegan.loye@gmail.com
phone: (616)826-8013

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