61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy Presents:

61Syx Summer Jam

14 and under 1v1 Kids Battle

Saturday, August 22nd
Doors at Noon
Battles begin at 1pm

61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy
2751 Alpine ave
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Cost: 3 Dollars
3 and under Free

Prize: Plaque

Roland – (Battle Born/Style Elements)
Viper – (61Syx Teknique)
Jamone – (61Syx Teknique)
Sylentz – (61Syx Teknique)
Hornet – (61Syx Teknique)

DJ: RX-78

Host: Seoul

It is tradition that after BBoy/BGirl Bootcamp finishes that we throw a summer jam! The kids always need an excuse to show off the things that they learned throughout camp, and there’s no better test then the battle field!

DIRECTLY FOLLOWING the Summer Jam will be Michigan Matchups. Please feel free to stay and watch the adults!

You can find a link to that event here:

Last Summer Jam’s Final Battle: Kontent vs Swidt

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