Timeless/Cold Chillin Recap

What a weekend. 61Syx SDA and MCSDA partnered to throw Timeless and Cold Chillin Christmas.

We began with the Timeless 1.5 Battle which had 45 kids compete. From there we went down to top 32, and then to top 16. At top 16 the students all got to pick an adult to partner with. And from top 16 to finals is a 2v2 or 1.5 battle.

Vanilla Nice and Meechi man from Flowhio, and Battle Talez took home the win over Sketch and Zipps in the finals. You can see the final battle below.

You can also find over 250 pictures from the event here: 


After the kids battle we moved over to 61Syx SDA to hold our 1v1. We ran cypher style prelims, and took top 16 from there. Congratulations to Boogie B from Optomistic crew for taking the W over Vanilla Nice in the finals. You can see that battle here:


And of course. Our 3 year in the making exhibition. Gnat v Tito in our Wax Battle. You can see that full battle here:

Finally, we headed over to Detroit on Sunday for Cold Chillin Christmas. A toy drive put together by MCSDA. 1v1 Toprock and 1v1 Footwork.

Congratulations to ANT for winning the Toprock Battle, and Marvhe for winning the footwork.


You can see both of those final battles below.

Thanks to All of our competitors, and supporters, our judges, Wealthy, ATN, Blak Attak, and Mama.

Our DJ Soulrane who brought the FIRE ALL NIGHT. And Thank you to Mav1 from MCSDA for helping make such a great weekend happen.

What a way to end 2016. We will see you all next year!

Peace and love!


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