2017 Summer Bootcamp


And we are back once again with everyone’s favorite time of year. 61Syx SDA Bootcamp.

61Syx SDA Bootcamp.
July 17-21st
12noon to 6pm everyday.
Lunch is provided.
Drop off at 61Syx SDA.
Ages 6+

We will be having our all elements camp once again where our students learn from different instructors in all 5 elements of HipHop. We will be focusing on the arts of
Breakin’|| DJing || Emceeing || Graffiti Art || Knowledge

This year we will be running our two camps simultaneously.
Our “Inside the box” (Beginner) camp will be ages 6 and up.
and our “Outside the box” (Advanced) camp will be ages 8 and up. (Intermediate skill level and up).

We will be switching between two locations. 61Syx SDA and Alpine Estates Park each day.

Monday-Thursday will be our class times, and on Thursday night will be our annual Studio Sleepover. We will start off heading over to Aerials and Baranis (our local Gymanstics gym) for 2 hours of open gym, and then pack all of the kids in the studio for the night. Where we will have battles, cyphers, movies, and of course more dancing.

Friday Morning we will have breakfast, and head back to Alpine Estates park for a day of games, and at 12noon we will have our summer jam battles! We will have each camp in a 1v1 battle, to crown our summer camp champs! Our summer jam battles are open to all so please come and support the kids as they showcase what they learned at camp.

Cost: 300 Dollars. 150 Dollars due to reserve their place in bootcamp. And the second 150 due when camp begins. Spots are limited to 15 students for each camp. So reserve now!

Bootcamp Schedule

Wonder what our bootcamp is like? Take a look for yourself.

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