61Syx SDA: Back to the 90’s Invitational

June 17th, 2017.

61Syx SDA X The Original Back to the 90’s Party

Congratulations to Ram from Chicago Tribe!!

1v1 Invitational

Ram (Chicago Tribe)
Beestboy (Brickheadz)
Wayne Gravy (Crooks Crew)
Bochi (Crooks Crew)
Rhyno (KIN)
Prince Caspian (Flowhio)
Vanilla Nice (Flowhio)
Rox-it (Beatsick Misfits)
Mama (Hardcore Detroit)
Golden Boy (BAD)
Willy Snuff (99 Stylez)
Goblin (61Syx Teknique)
Samu (61Syx Teknique)
Skillz (Fanatix Crew)
J-Aura (Vertical Ambition)
Macho (GCOS)

Judges: Mav One (MCSDA), Meta (Chicago Tribe), Twigg (Crooks Crew)
DJ: Shane T (IMS)


90s bracket


Photos by: Darline Ngyuen
Full Album here: https://darlinenguyen.client-gallery.com/#/back-to-the-90s

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