Timeless 3 Recap

7 Years ago, Raze1 (61Syx SDA’s founder) and Seoul sat down and envisioned a site where we would have 50-100 students competing at an event that we organized. We believe in the power of this culture, and we believe that this dance belongs to our youth. At the Timeless Battle on Sunday December 17th, 2017. That Vision came to life with 450+ families, friends, young and old sharing the dance floor at the Pyramid Scheme.

351A0291What a sight! Photo by Darline Nguyen

With nearly 100 competitors, the students were teamed up in 3 age groups, 10 and under, 11-17, and 18 and up. The top 16 from each age group were randomly selected to make teams of 3. (one from each age group). From there on out the top 16 teams battled head to head until there was only 1 victor! Congratulations to Rox-it, J-Sway, and Rapidfire for taking home the hard fought victory!

Here are some of our favorite photos from the night.

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For a full collection of photos you can visit our facebook here: 61Syx SDA Timeless Photos
To Download, Please visit: https://darlinenguyen.client-gallery.com/

You can see a recap video of what you missed here:

And an entire playlist of Top 16 through Finals here:

It’s unbelievable to think that we began with just a handful of students, to see where we have grown. We couldn’t do any of this without the support from all of you.

Thank you from all of 61Syx SDA.

Thank you.


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