Summer Jam Recap

61Syx SDA Summer Jam 2018 Recap

Full Playlist of all battles: 61Syx SDA Summer Jam 2018 All Battles
Link to full gallery of photos: 2018 Summer Jam Photos by: Darline and Co.

What an amazing event. There were so many moments that went down at this specific Summer Jam.

Photos by: Darline and Co.

61Syx SDA Summer Jam went down on Sunday, June 3rd as we brought in 60+ Student breakers, and 300+ Supporters, family, and friends. The energy was crazy the entire jam!

These kids put so much work into this dance and we’re so happy to see the support that they get from the community.

A special moment for all of 61Syx Teknique Crew members as we got to see our crew leader Raze(RIP) son, Ryu enter his first battle!!!!! That was a moment I know many of us will never forget.

Watching Viper come back after a 2 year hiatus and be able to show why he still is one of the best bboys under 18 in Michigan! Congratulations to him and Dystraktion for winning the 11 and up bracket, as well as Non Stop and G-Wrecks from Chicago and Ohio for traveling to GR and picking up the victory in the 10 and under bracket.

2018 definitely has shaped up to be one of our best years for our studio, and our students. Seeing the growth our dancers have made in the past months, and years are definitely what keeps our crew motivated.

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