Timeless 2018

Our Favorite Jam is BACK!!!!!

61syx Timeless 2018

61Syx SDA Presents:

TIMELESS Battle 2018

61Syx Street Dance Academy is proud to bring you our favorite battle of the year that proves that HipHop is for everyone, no matter the age! This year, we are featuring a 2v2 Breakin’ battle, separated into 2 different age divisions. Ages 10 and Under, and ages 11 and up.

Our top 8 Teams will be selected from our preliminary battles, and will be randomly paired with one of our 16 Adult invites.


2v2 Breakin Battle
Age groups (10 and under, ages 11 and up)

Cost: $5 For Kids under 10
$10 for ages 11 and up

10 and under Division:
Doors at 3:00pm
Battles Begin at 4:00pm

11 and up Division:
Doors at 5:30pm
Battles begin at 6:15pm

***Last year we were at capacity for this event, so we please ask that you come at your age groups designated time. Thank you!!!!

Coda (Weaponz of Rhythm)
Jamrock (God Children of Soul)
Mowgli (Crooks Crew)

Goblin (61Syx Teknique)

Host: Seoul

Invite List: TBA.

Check out what went down at our Timeless Battle last year!

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