Digital Dance Arena 2!

Our Brother Seoul and 31Svn SDA partnering up with Sirlimitless Productions and Koi Roi to help bring you Digital Dance Arena 2!!! 

DDA2 is an Online dance battle inviting dancers from all over the WORLD to compete on a virtual platform.

This DDA is bringing you a 1v1 Adult Open styles battle, and a 1v1 KIDS Open styles battle with a $100 prize for BOTH CATAGORIES!

What is an Open Styles Battle? 
An open styles battle means that this competition is open to all dancers, who dance any style. (Breakin, Poppin, Krump, House, Waacking, Jazz, Contemporary etc). 

This battle will begin Monday, June 1st, and will conclude Monday June 15th. 
ALL Competitors must register in order to compete. 

Further information will be sent to you after you register. 

Want to register? 
Follow this link:

Need more information? 
Check out our Facebook Event page here:

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