That’s RIGHT! 61Syx SDA is now open for Private classes and Small group classes!

As we look towards the future, we want to remind you all that our students safety and well being is the most important thing to us. With Michigan entering Phase 5 of Re-opening, 61Syx SDA is now open for Private classes and small group classes! We will remain CLOSED to open classes until July 1st at the earliest.

Our online Zoom classes have been proving to be great for our students! And being able to join us multiple times per week has shown some amazing results thus far. We plan on keeping our Zoom classes for the duration of the summer! So if you aren’t comfortable with bringing your student to the studio just yet, they can stay with us online!

You can now book Private classes and small group classes (2-4 people) in-studio at 61Syx SDA!

Private classes are 50 minutes long, and are $25 per student. (Group discounts do apply).

We will be running private classes with both ANT and JAY on the following days. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4pm-8pm. **Please read our in-class guidelines to social distancing below.**

To book a private class please email us at: 61syxteknique@gmail.com or click here to send us a message.

See you soon!!!

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