This Schedule is for both 61Syx SDA Classes, but also where you can see members of the crew perform/compete at events across the nation.

61Syx SDA Spring Schedule.

Event Schedule:

March 31st
Grand Rapids Soul Club Presents: The Butta Bros – The Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids, MI

April 8th
Red Cedar Ransom: 4v4 Battle – Lansing, MI

April 9th
Dance All Out: 7tosmoke Breakin battle – Purdue University, Lafayette, IN

April 14th
ND. Battle: 1v1 Breakin Battle/1v1 Allstyles Battle – Carmel High School, Carmel, IN

April 15th
Derby City Breakdown: 1v1 Kids Breakin Battle/2v2 Breakin Battle – Louisville, KY

June 3rd
Local First Street Party: Details TBA

June 10th
Grand Rapids Asian Festival: Details TBA

June 17th
61Syx SDA Student Battle: Details TBA

61Syx SDA Spring Schedule 2017

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